Airport Transfers

Car Transfer Cefalu

Need a Taxi from Palermo Airport to Cefalu?

We offer our guests airport transfers from Palermo Airport to Cefalu for 100-Euro

  • We can also help you with a taxi or car transfer from Catania Airport to Cefalu or from Trapani Airport to our Vacation Apartaments 
  • Prices from Catania or Trapani are 180-Euro

When you are ready to go home, we offer you a car service to bring your from your vacation apartament in cefalu to the airports in Palermo, Catania, or Trapani

  • To book a transfer, simply Click Here


Why Choose Our Airport to Cefalu Car Services?

The average cost of a regular taxi from Palermo’s Punta Riasi Airport to Cefalu’s city center is 170-Euro. Remember that the minimum charge just to leave the airport is 35-Euro

To get to Cefalu from Catania or Trapani by taxi, you’ll easily pay over 200-Euro

And, many car services are notorious for leaving travelers without a ride if their plane is late. And, if you’ve ever traveled, you know that planes are often late. A quick Google search will show you plenty of horror stories of weary travelers being left at the airport by car services because their plane arrived as little as 20-minutes late. This can make most airport transfers a real nightmare

  • With MadonieHolidays, you don’t have to worry! We’ll wait for you – Click Here to Book 

Car Transfer Cefalu

Why Not Take the Train Rather Than Pay for Airport Transfers?

Traveling Sicily by train can be wonderful…

But not when you’ve just gotten off of a plane

  • Understand that to reach Cefalu by train from Palermo Airport, you have to first take a 50 – 60 minute train from the airport to Palermo Centrale, Palermo’s main train station in the city. Then, you’ll have to take a second, 50-minute train from Palermo Centrale to Cefalu.

That’s best case scenario – assuming there are no delays and there is a second train available when you arrive. 

Traveling from Catania or Trapani by train can take several hours… probably the last thing you want to do after sitting on an airplane for hours

Travel in Complete Comfort

We’re here to help you have the best vacation of your life. This includes helping you reach your vacation apartment in Cefalu in complete comfort at an amazing rate

Car transfers from Palermo to Cefalu

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